New SMARC Module based on Atmel SAMA5 will be released by Shiratech

Shiratech will realease a hot new SMARC module based on Amtels new SAMA5D3 Family of MCUs. The new module contains now also pre certified WiFi and BLE what makes it the perfect choice for IoT gateway applications where low power consumption is important. Besides that many general purpose applications can be easily adressed. This extends their family of SMARC modules by a new member. Already available is a Cyclone-V based Altera FPGA solution called Spark-100.

If no wireless is needed there is a SoM called AT-501 already available.

There is support for Linux (Kernel 3.10 and Debian 7 currently) and WindowsEC7 and 2013 on request.

  • Based on Atmel new SAMA5D3x
  • Support both D31 and D36
  • Processor runs@536Mhz, Cortex-A5 with FPUv4
  • Encryption engine supporting AES, TDES, TRNG and SHA
  • LP-DDR2 up to 512MB, NAND up to 1GB, 4GB eMMC
  • Display
    • Built in controller supporting up to 1280×720 pixels
    • 18 bits RGB or LVDS (ordering option)
    • Resistive touch support option
  • Physical size:  82×50 mm, 314 pin SMARC  connector

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